Is there ever a day you need for recovery? Is there a day you need to call in sick because you are not feeling well enough to to go to work? Reality is, there are days we are unable to go to work because a simple virus has gotten the best of us. We are sick enough to not attend work but don't feel the need to sit in a medical office with other sick people. A day of rest and restoration is probably all we need to feel better the next day. There are many 24 hour virus that are just that....24 hour viruses. Many employers require a note from your healthcare provider stating you were actually sick and that you visited their office. 


WE can help with that. 

We can do a quick telephone visit for your restoration day prescription. The prescription will have your name, date of birth, and a note signed by your health care provider stating to please excuse you for the day. This telephone visit will take about 5 minutes and it will cost $25. This note will not be have a treatment plan or a diagnosis. It will only be an excuse note for your employer. 

You can utilize the patient portal and/or we can call you back for our telephone visit. Or, you can call us at 956-622-3427. You will have to pay online or over the phone to obtain your prescription note.